How to choose a good startup for investment?

“A dollar can turn into million.” Successful investments are treasure.

The Startup Marketspot is a bridge between startups and investors. Here you can find some important criteria for when you want to invest on startups.

These tips help you to choose a good start up for investment. Make sure to consider all of them to have a safe investment.

  • First, see if you really like to support the idea, but you shouldn’t fall in love the idea and risk investing just because it’s a great idea. Otherwise that will be just supporting and not a wise investment.
  • The second important point, you should look whether the problem and the solution are good enough. Does the idea solving a real problem? is the idea a good solution to that problem?
  • Are you solving a temporary problem or the solution have a long lifetime? For example, sustainability has a great future since the future will be green and your investment wins. So, you should see the duration of your investment and consider when you expect a good return of investment and how much return do you expect.
  • Next, you should see the market where the solution is operating. For example, if the solution is about sustainability, look if it’s a good market for the idea or does it have a good future when you have a long term vision of investment.
  • Then, you should look at the annual turnover of project. The other tractions such as user engagement on social networks and being active on a regular basis are also important factors you can consider when choosing a startup.
  • The founding year of startup and the business status type are also very important factors.
  • Finally, you can also use the service or product to see wether you would like to invest on the project or not.

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